Refund & Cancellation


  1. Exchange of goods once sold permitted within 14 days of purchase (non food and beverage items only).
  2. Refunds permitted by way of equivalent exchange within 7 days, no cash or credit refunds.
  3. Discounted or goods sold under a promotion have a no refund policy.
  4. Customer must produce the original receipt to avail of any exchange in the stipulated period.
  5. In case of product quality issues which has been reported and returned to the store within 24 hours, a cash or credit refund is allowed provided it has been established and approved by the operations manager that the issue with the quality is genuine, such cases must be documented with an incident report with a proper investigation done regarding the quality issue.
  6. In case of credit card refunds the customer must be informed that the refund will be done in 10 to 15 working days as per the banks procedure of return.